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SHEARSociety for the History of the Early American Republic (Canada)
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This necessitated my climbing the shears, which I did twice, before I finished guying it fore and aft and to either side.
If he has destroyed the shears, I shall do nothing except begin over again."
"We will," I asserted, still savagely, for the destruction of my beloved shears had hit me hard.
Caption: Figure 10: Moving centrode of upper shear blade and arc profile of upper shear blade.
Up to now, effects of shear pin fractures have not been considered in bridge seismic design partly for lack of study on shear pin fractures and insufficient understanding of the mechanism of shear pin fractures.
"I believe part of one's professional life includes a responsibility, even a commitment, to contribute to it in an effort to make it better," Shear said upon assuming the Bar presidency when he was 43 years old.
This article describes how a slit-die viscometer connected to a laboratory extruder can be used to obtain accurate data on melt viscosity at various shear rates and temperatures.
Most of previous direct shear tests were conducted under CNL condition [12, 18-21].
* The conical shear punch produced the pierced edge with the most consistent and best edge stretchability among all test punches.
Therefore, the present study was focused on bending stress, modulus of elasticity in bending, shear stress and specific shearing energy of three different sections of stalks of 10 different maize cultivars.