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SHVSuper Hi-Vision
SHVSafe High Voltage (coaxial cable connector)
SHVSystem Health Validator (Microsoft)
SHVShareholder Value
SHVScience and Human Values (various organizations)
SHVStandard High Volume
SHVSustainable Hudson Valley (New York)
SHVShreveport, LA, USA - Regional Airport (Airport Code)
SHVSteenkolen Handels Vereeniging
SHVSubmersible Hull Vessel
SHVSulphhydryl Variable (biochemical)
SHVStony Hill Vineyard (St. Helena, CA)
SHVSport Horse Versatility
SHVSupersonic/Hypersonic Vehicle
SHVSuper Hybrid Vehicle
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Putting on their gloves all set to work in a row in front of the press, an erection formed of two posts connected by a cross-beam, under which the sheaves to be drawn from were laid ears outward, the beam being pegged down by pins in the uprights, and lowered as the sheaves diminished.
When two o'clock arrived the professional reed-drawers tossed off the last half-pint in their flagon, put down their hooks, tied their last sheaves, and went away.
Tess urged Izz to leave off, agreeing, as she felt better, to finish the day without her, and make equal division of the number of sheaves.
The clicking of the sheaves in the blocks as the sails ran down, head- sails first, was music to her; and she detected on the instant the jamming of a jib-downhaul, and almost saw the impatient jerk with which the sailor must have cleared it.
They had pack-mules along, and had brought everything I needed -- tools, pump, lead pipe, Greek fire, sheaves of big rockets, roman candles, colored fire sprays, electric apparatus, and a lot of sundries -- everything necessary for the stateliest kind of a miracle.
The prize was delivered to Tom with as much effusion as the superintendent could pump up under the circumstances; but it lacked somewhat of the true gush, for the poor fellow's instinct taught him that there was a mystery here that could not well bear the light, perhaps; it was simply preposterous that this boy had warehoused two thousand sheaves of Scriptural wisdom on his premises -- a dozen would strain his capacity, without a doubt.
From the bosom of the water rose sheaves of liquid jets by hundreds.
Caption: NMT's gold head sheave, above, can be designed split for ease of transportation and installation.
Further research revealed that the Sosman & Landis catalogue of 1889 offered the same component, calling it a "half mortise sheave for flats." Now, with certainty, we could see that the "half mortise flat sheave" is a device used to roll flats on and off stage.
In those studies predicts the behavior when the actual vehicle is accelerated by taking into account the dynamics sheave during shifting.
Triangular ridges, which run parallel to the extrusion line on the inside of the belt, engage with grooves in the driven sheave to make them self-tracking.