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SHVSystem Health Validator (Microsoft)
SHVShareholder Value
SHVStandard High Volume
SHVShreveport, LA, USA - Regional Airport (Airport Code)
SHVSteenkolen Handels Vereeniging
SHVStony Hill Vineyard (St. Helena, CA)
SHVSport Horse Versatility
SHVSupersonic/Hypersonic Vehicle
SHVSuper Hybrid Vehicle
SHVScience and Human Values (various organizations)
SHVSuper Hi-Vision
SHVSafe High Voltage (coaxial cable connector)
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Tess urged Izz to leave off, agreeing, as she felt better, to finish the day without her, and make equal division of the number of sheaves.
Each servo motor then direct-drives a low-backlash reducer that is coupled to the belt sheave by a torsionally stiff coupling (no keyways).
One of the essential tasks for air balancers in the HVAC industry is adjusting sheave.
Temperature was measured as the sample exited the driven sheave.
Various types of sheave and belt construction are outlined, providing users with an understanding of operation characteristics.
We removed, lubricated and then reassembled their seals--a job that takes about four hours per sheave, according to Caldwell.
The traction sheave is now an integral part of the motor shaft," explains Olivier Robert, senior vice president of operations at Otis, "not a separate component as in traditional elevators.
And when Viola (Helen Hunt) washes ashore from a shipwreck and disguises herself in trousers with just the right amount of gold piping to infiltrate his household as "Cesario," sheave immediately becomes the (luke's favorite, handpicked to strip him down to his Prince-ly purple trunks for a morning dip.
38,7 m) extended 5-section steel telescopic boom with a sheave height of 137 ft.
Each sheave contains eight segments, and each segment is almost two meters long and 85 kg in weight.
Turning the F-14 to get around a sheave, the crew allowed starboard wing struck the port aileron and trailing-edge flap of a nearby Hornet, causing nearly $100,000 in damage to each aircraft.