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SHIELDStrategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division (fiction)
SHIELDSierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta (wrestling)
SHIELDSupreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division (Marvel comics)
SHIELDStrategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate (fictional)
SHIELDSilicon Hybrids with Infrared Extrinsic Long-wavelength Detectors
SHIELDStrategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division (Iron Man film)
SHIELDSecret Headquarters of Intelligence Espionage and Law Division
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When you have robbed Cycnus of sweet life, then leave him there and his armour also, and you yourself watch man-slaying Ares narrowly as he attacks, and wherever you shall see him uncovered below his cunningly-wrought shield, there wound him with your sharp spear.
Thrice was he stricken by my spear and dashed to earth, and his shield was pierced; but the fourth time I struck his thigh, laying on with all my strength, and tare deep into his flesh.
When I opened them again it was to see Sir Henry's shield lying on the ground, and Sir Henry himself with his great arms twined round Twala's middle.
It was a melancholy sight to see him seated, his battle-axe and shield by his side, his chin upon his mailed breast, with but one old crone for companion, and notwithstanding his crimes and misdeeds, a pang of compassion shot through me as I looked upon Twala thus "fallen from his high estate." Not a soldier of all his armies, not a courtier out of the hundreds who had cringed round him, not even a solitary wife, remained to share his fate or halve the bitterness of his fall.
I pray you to speed a bolt against yonder shield with all your force.
Look, there is no giant, nor knight, nor cats, nor arms, nor shields quartered or whole, nor vair azure or bedevilled.
Let us then show fight; draw your swords, and hold up the tables to shield you from his arrows.
Alexandrus aimed first, and struck the round shield of the son of Atreus, but the spear did not pierce it, for the shield turned its point.
With the eyes of an immense concourse of spectators fixed upon them, the five knights advanced up the platform upon which the tents of the challengers stood, and there separating themselves, each touched slightly, and with the reverse of his lance, the shield of the antagonist to whom he wished to oppose himself.
But I've seen it, and I can just see those creatures now, parading before that shield and acting like that.
Death raises all his voices around, and mixes with the sounds of shields. Each hero is a pillar of darkness; the sword a beam of fire in his hand.
"Let the Umkandhlu regiment come forward!" he shouted a third time, and as he spoke the black shields of the Umkandhlu leaped from the ranks of the impi.