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SHILShiloh National Military Park (US National Park Service)
SHILSub-Harmonic Injection Locking
SHILScottish Health Innovations Ltd. (UK)
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The fiscal added: "Police found him behind the door with the black wooden shillelagh.
Caption: RIGHT: Armed with the Shillelagh 152mm combined gun and missile launcher, the American-made Sheridan tank offered a lot of firepower in a relatively small package.
While he was inside Miss Purcell befriended her, giving her the shillelagh after an Irish holiday.
At town hall, the jovial atmosphere continued but with some seriousness as the Leprechaun Society handed out Shillelagh awards to those who merited honors for their contributions to the community.
His brother Walter Tompkins, 66, was shot dead in the family home he shared with the accused in Cronelea, Shillelagh, in west Wicklow on Thursday evening.
Claire Parkinson, 34, retail assistant, Gateshead: An old fashioned weapon called a Shillelagh.
Well, mostly Jameson whiskey and Magners really, but she's also quite fond of the idea of a blueeyed hunk from Donegal who'll whisk her away and show her his shillelagh.
When things got too fresh, the priest would come along with a big shillelagh and just lay into them if they didn't stop.
Most nights - and especially at weekends - this pub could do with elastic sides as there's no room to swing a shillelagh.
USC also will unveil Palmer's Heisman Trophy, the Orange Bowl trophy, the Pacific-10 Conference championship trophy and the Shillelagh, which goes to the winner of the USC-Notre Dame game.
In 1984 Shillelagh, whose members are from Northern Ireland and the Republic, played its first gig for the Queen Mum after her presentation of the shamrock to Irish Guards in Munster.