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SHIPState Health Insurance Assistance Program
SHIPSenior Health Insurance Program
SHIPState Housing Initiative Partnership (Florida)
SHIPSmall, High Performance
SHIPSRC Homology 2 Domain–containing Inositol-5-Phosphatase
SHIPSmall Hospital Improvement Program
SHIPStudents with High Intellectual Potential
SHIPState Health Insurance Advisory Program
SHIPScalable Healthcare Integrated Platform
SHIPSenior HIV Intervention Project (Broward County, Florida)
SHIPSelf Help Issue Point
SHIPSociety for Historic Investigation and Preservation
SHIPSeriously Huge Investment in Parts (LEGO)
SHIPSelf Help Ideas & Plans (e-development approach)
SHIPSeafarers’ Health Improvement Programme
SHIPSoft Handoff Over Internet Protocol
SHIPSchool HIV/AIDS Intervention Program
SHIPSpontaneity, Heterogeneity, Intangibility, Perishability (characteristics of business services)
SHIPSimplified Helmholtz Integral Program
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Well, let them get the ship how they would, we came honestly by her, as we thought, though we did not, I confess, examine into things so exactly as we ought; for we never inquired anything of the seamen, who would certainly have faltered in their account, and contradicted one another.
In this voyage, being by contrary winds obliged to beat up and down a great while in the Straits of Malacca and among the islands, we were no sooner got clear of those difficult seas than we found our ship had sprung a leak, but could not discover where it was.
For, even if the weather be thick, it does not matter much to a ship having all the open sea before her bows.
Now one sunshiny day the Doctor and Dab- Dab were walking up and down on the ship for exercise; a nice fresh wind was blowing the boat along, and everybody was happy.
The roast beef must be on that other ship over there.
Whereupon Sir Richard "was persuaded," Sir Walter says, "by the Master and others to cut his main-sail, and cast about, and to trust to the sailing of the ship.
But a great ship, the San Philip, came between him and the wind "and coming towards him, becalmed his sails in such sort, as the ship could neither make way, nor feel the helm: so huge and high-carged* was the Spanish ship.
You will then find a ship at your side, step into it and fly to the King's Palace.
After a little time he was aroused; he awoke and, rubbing his eyes, saw a ready-made ship at his side, and at once got into it.
Come along, will ye (merry's the play); a full ship and homeward-bound.
Captain Thorn was an honest, straighforward, but somewhat dry and dictatorial commander, who, having been nurtured in the system and discipline of a ship of war, and in a sacred opinion of the supremacy of the quarter-deck, was disposed to be absolute lord and master on board of his ship.
Astor, too, had put them on their mettle with respect to the captain, describing him as a gunpowder fellow who would command his ship in fine style, and, if there was any fighting to do, would "blow all out of the water.
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