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And as always, price and value are a holiday shopper expectation.
Shopper Marketing: Both manufacturers and retailers should establish profiles of existing "customers" by creating discrete behavioral segments based upon their habits, purchase response and history with competitors.
But open-air markets, where the art of bargaining on price keeps things lively, are also snagging more mall shoppers than they used to.
With digital shopper marketing playing an increasingly important role in influencing shoppers, the challenge for manufacturers and retailers is to better understand and utilise it.
Understand the shopper perspective on opportunities for social media marketing, social e-commerce and location based social networking in food & grocery.
From discounters like Kmart to specialty shops like Guitar Center, many stores still see value in letting their shoppers set aside an item, then pay it off and pick it up when they're able.
Mobile phones can help facilitate a greater number of touch points with the consumer in shopper mode, extending beyond the store environment.
Adapt In-Store Shopper Marketing to Grocery Shopping Patterns
This report offers the most up to date and authoritative analysis of digital shopper marketing, presenting detailed insight into shoppers awareness, usage and appeal of different digital initiatives, their views on barriers to adoption and broader analysis of key trends and opportunities in the market.
Evolution Insights, the shopper marketing consultancy, is proud to announce its new publication: Shopper Marketing Trends: A Guide to Shopper Trends and Shopper Marketing Initiatives in UK Food and Grocery.
Sparing harried shoppers the agony of trying to find a parking spot in an overcrowded lot, only to endure long lines at the check stand, a new online service from Vons will now deliver groceries to a customer's front door in a matter of hours.
The report will help your business to develop targeted shopper marketing initiatives designed to influence shoppers at the point of purchase, explore broader demand in the top-up market and identify how alcohol performs in relation to others, drawing key learnings and opportunities for growth.