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SHPState Historic Park
SHPSupportive Housing Program (HUD)
SHPShaft Horsepower
SHPSaint Helena Pound (ISO currency code)
SHPSeton Hall Prep (Catholic preparatory school; West Orange, NJ; est. 1856)
SHPSairaanhoitopiiri (Finland)
SHPSub Health Post
SHPStakeholder Pension
SHPShort-Handed Points (hockey)
SHPSociedade Hípica Portuguesa (Portugese)
SHPSims House Party (game)
SHPStandard Header Packet
SHPSir Henry Parkes
SHPShoulder High Productions
SHPSocial Hall Plaza
SHPSub-Harmonically Pumped
SHPStandard Holding Procedure
SHPSafe-Handling Practice (hazardous drug removal)
SHPStandard Hardware Program
SHPStudent Health Plan (various schools)
SHPSacred Heart Players (theater; New York)
SHPSelf-Help Program (various locations)
SHPShare Holding Pattern (investing)
SHPSolar and Heliospheric Physics
SHPSomerset House Publishing, Inc. (Texas)
SHPSacred Heart Parish (various locations)
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The package that the SHP joint venture was awarded is worth more than QAR1-billion and entails the construction of the 14.
Building a system of engagement to support the physicians that joined and bought into the SHP model.
Study to gauge the knowledge of SHP among teachers is needed to improve the current suboptimal level of implementation.
When the SHP file contains a collection of point objects they can be saved in the DXF file as AutoCAD point objects, or as symbol blocks.
In 2011, SHP extended the new carousel system with four additional modules and a second GTP workstation to maximize productivity and throughput, reduce operational costs and increase fulfillment volume.
Based upon the appraisal values at the end of 2007, CalPERS would have been liable to pay SHP more than $40 million as an incentive distribution from capital appreciation alone.
SHP catalyzes a variety of esterification and amidation reactions.
Acute toxicity of four agricultural pesticides widely used on the SHP (Methyl Parathion 4E, Tempo[R] SC Ultra [active ingredient cyfluthrin], Roundup[R] [glyphosate], and Karmex[R] DF [diuron]) was determined using laboratory-derived T.
Under the terms of the agreements, Carrington will supply SHP with Manapol powder for use in new product additions to the current Swanson brand.
The group of four clinics, called SHP Enterprise Clinics and based in North Miami Beach, was involved in a massive fraudulent billing scheme, Allstate said in a statement.
Researchers prepared SHP gels by thoroughly mixing the powder starting materials into water at about 20 C, at concentrations of 20% (w/w), 25% (w/w), 26.