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SHRUGSeven Hills Regional User Group (Tallahassee, FL)
SHRUGScottish Health Service Resource Utilization Groups (aging research)
SHRUGSouth Hampton Roads User Group (Virginia)
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They wouldn't be on the front pages if all readers did was shrug.
No matter what anyone said to the burly Argentinian he would smile and shrug his shoulders at them.
Ask most Americans what broccoli rabe is and you'll get a shrug.
Many have been known to shrug off the notion and continue on uninformed.
Three years ago, researchers announced they had found a gene that, when mutated, enables the parasite that causes the majority of the world's malaria to shrug off the widely used drug chloroquine (SN: 11/29/97, p.
Was his shrug a way of putting his best face on a mounting PR disaster or was it an attempt to hint that the real resurrection of the decidedly moribund Biennale will come with his not-yet-confirmed 1999 sequel?
Also playing in their hometown are legendary Teesside band SHRUG, who created history back in 1990 by being the first band form the west to be invited to play East Berlin, a few weeks after the Berlin Wall came down.
com Scaption and shrug THIS is a slight variation on the conventional shoulder raise and targets the shoulders and upper back.
The handicapper has put him up a further 5lb for that win but Jack Smudge's progress has shown no signs of waning and he can again shrug off that extra burden.
ADAMS: Long sleeve shrug and checked shirt set (three pieces), pounds 15, worn with cream soft tights, pounds 4, at Adams in Northumberland St' MetroCentre and branches at Blyth, Wallsend, Cramlington and Durham.
This ensemble from Marks and Spencer's Per Una Due range works three of the new season shapes with jersey culottes and a multi-stripe shrug creating a striking silhouette.