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Not only did this weekend's survey show how strongly Latinos rejected the government shutdown generally, it highlighted that Latinos strongly opposed the effect of the shutdown on the work of the EPA.
27: The Democratic-led Senate votes to end conservative efforts to derail the bill preventing a shutdown, with even most Republicans opposing the conservatives.
The shutdown has affected the country's international relations as well, as President Barack Obama cancelled a number of official trips.
According to ABC News, agencies which tweeted about their plans to shut their Twitter accounts include, the NASA's official account, which tweeted that due to the government shutdown, all public NASA activities/events are cancelled or postponed until further notice.
The sheer scale and complexity of a routine shutdown for two LNG trains is enormous and reaching such a milestone is a clear indication of the entire team's commitment to achieving best practices," said RasGas managing director Hamad Rashid al-Mohannadi.
The state-sponsored shutdown forced the shops, schools, factories and businesses to remain closed throughout the day and the television footages of a weeping young lady at a railway station not being able to be at the bedside of her dying child moved the entire state.
A five-day shutdown could cost the already shaky U.
Metropolitan routinely schedules shutdowns of its facilities in winter months, when temperatures usually are cooler and demands are lower, to complete inspections and perform maintenance and upgrades with the least impact on consumers, Man said.
Forward-Looking Statements Statements in this press release concerning the anticipated impact of the current shutdown of U.
7 trillion economy, the daily impact of a shutdown is likely to accelerate if it continues because it depresses confidence and spending by businesses and consumers.
Many critical functions that the government performs will simply not continue during a shutdown," Cox said.