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SHWASiberian Husky Welfare Association (est. 2007; UK)
SHWASamuel H. Williamson Associates (Portland, OR)
SHWAStatistical Handbook of Working America
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Quite probably the shwa nucleus is responsible for the pejoration, as noted above, and there appears not to be a great deal more of interest here, except possibly for the details of the aural image and their potential iconicity, about which I have nothing more to say.
Given the NZE merger of /I/ and /[Upside down e or shwa sound symbol]/ (Bell 1997) we did not follow Kiesling (1998:75) in considering the nature of the vowel preceding the nasal.
There are two phonological properties that give South African Malay a distinctly Eastern Malay flavor: the use of a full vowel, more specifically an [a], instead of a shwa and velarization of syllable-final nasals.
Thanks are extended to many of our field collaborators, principally: Lisalama Wema-Wema, Mafuta Ngama-Nkosi, Edmond Isomana Mputu, Bunda Bokili, Prince Lokima, Booto Nta, Mbenzo Abokome, Mbende Longwango, Matungila Bewa, and Dino Shwa.