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siRNASmall Interfering RNA (duplexes)
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Despite the rapid advance of RNAi gene silencing for drug discovery and development, some research has been hampered by the insufficient delivery of siRNA into primary cells and non-standard cell lines.
Being added to the Russell Index is one more indicator of the important progress Sirna has made over the past year advancing RNAi-based therapeutics," stated Howard W.
CONTACT: Greg Weaver, SVP and Chief Financial Officer of Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.
Scheld commented, "The down regulation of multiple pro-inflammatory cytokines in response to this siRNA administration is striking and encouraging for further studies.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.
Researchers using Dharmacon siRNA libraries have the ability to silence or turn off specific groups of genes to test their function and the role they play in disease.
This report analysis the current frontrunners in siRNA therapies with leading technologies and major acquisitions and deals seen in past 3 years.
The siRNA and miRNA can be administered in vivo after which it will be expressed as short hairpin RNA (shRNA) and ultimately become active siRNA.
The discovery that short, double-stranded RNA molecules could be generated and processed into siRNA paved the way for the use of these molecules for silencing gene expression in mammals (Elbashir et al.
Under the terms of the agreement, Merck will acquire through a merger 100 percent of the equity of Sirna at a price of $13 per share in cash, making Sirna a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co.
European patent No: EP1144623B1 (the Kreutzer-Limmer patent), which was opposed by Sirna, AstraZeneca PLC, Atugen (SR Pharma PLC), Janssen Pharmaceutica N.