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They began to walk along a narrow brick sidewalk between the cracks of which tall weeds grew.
On the sidewalk at the side of Winney's Dry Goods Store where there was a high board fence covered with circus pictures, he stopped whistling and stood perfectly still in the darkness, attentive, listening as though for a voice calling his name.
All the school- children, the singers and the firemen walked on the sidewalks, while in the middle of the street came first the custodian of the church with his halberd, then the beadle with a large cross, the teacher in charge of the boys and a sister escorting the little girls; three of the smallest ones, with curly heads, threw rose leaves into the air; the deacon with outstretched arms conducted the music; and two incense-bearers turned with each step they took toward the Holy Sacrament, which was carried by M.
From the sidewalk she heard a woman's voice cry out, "Look out, Bill--front end
Many policemen crawled under the coal waggon for safety, while the loose horses, with here and there a policeman on their backs or struggling at their heads to hold them, surged across the sidewalk opposite the jam and broke into Market Street.
Bill Totts leaped to the pavement and made his way to the woman on the sidewalk.
The crowd on the sidewalks and the teamsters on the locked waggons roared encouragement and their own delight.
He was playin' on the sidewalk only this mornin'--or was it Wednesday?
People surged along the sidewalk, crowding, questioning, filling the air with rumours, and inconsequent surmises.
In order to economize in every way possible, so as to be sure to reach Hampton in a reasonable time, I continued to sleep under the same sidewalk that gave me shelter the first night I was in Richmond.
The headway ran almost out, and he drew up slowly toward the sidewalk.
Presently three men left the crowd on the sidewalk as if by a common impulse and crossed the street.