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If this happens once for every 100 samples, the defect rate is 1% or 2.4 sigma. In order to achieve a 4 sigma success rate, only 1 in 10,000 samples would take longer than 60 minutes to turn around.
A patient identification process might need higher standards, for example, than a 6-sigma goal on blood glucose levels (where the existing sigma is about 3 if mostly due to instrumentation which cannot do better).
Sigma metrics were calculated from CV, percentage bias and total allowable error.
In our study we find that parameters such as ALP, Triglyceride (L2) and HDL, the sigma values were found to be more than 6.
For parameters like SGPT (L1), SGOT (L1), Creatinine (L1) and Cholesterol (L2), the sigma values were found to be less than 3.
More information on Lean Six Sigma is available from the SDDC LSS Program Office, at the Army Material Command website, and through Army eLearning at
So, what's Lean Six Sigma? It is a challenge, but also an opportunity for SDDC employees to eliminate waste and frustration and to increase personal and customer satisfaction.
Let us consider a 100-stage process, where each stage has a [+ or -] four sigma design specification range.
Most manufacturers use three sigma processes to meet four sigma specifications, resulting in a large number of defects.