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S2NSignal-to-Noise (electrical engineering ratio)
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Adoption of Color Noise Reduction (CNR) improves signal-to-noise ratio equal to Toshiba's equivalent products fabricated with 1.
The scientists discovered a feedback effect that LaConte said he had long suspected existed but had found elusive: the subjects who were in control of the needle achieved a better whole-brain signal-to-noise ratio than those who simply watched the needle move.
The lower the signal-to-noise ratio (noise being random), the higher the ratio of errors.
Concerted efforts to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurements are required.
Siemens reports that directional microphone systems have been shown to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, enhancing the understanding of speech in noisy environments.
The GP-KS1000 900,000 pixel Digital Signal Processing camera produces 560 lines of resolution with a signal-to-noise ratio of 54 dB.
Therefore, it is misleading to measure the system noise level at high frequencies without any applied modulation to the laser, and then to calculate the anticipated signal-to-noise (SNR) based on these measurements, as if the signal and the noise are independent entities.
This allows designers to maintain key ADC performance characteristics, including spurious-free dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio, which leads directly to improved system performance.
In spite of the high performance lock-in used as a second-stage signal-amplifier, the signal-to-noise ratio had to be optimized for the output of the photocurrent preamplifiers.
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