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SIG.RASignora (Italian: Mistress)
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Emphasizing the importance of Korean market, however, Signora said the group regards the country as the number one market in Asia.
Bywyd gyda'r Signora/ Life with the Signora, written and directed by Jamie-Glyn Bale and sung in Italian with Welsh dialogue and some English, is in the Studio at Pontio, Bangor and starts at 7.
Orazio Lomellini says, Also, there is something I wish to discuss with you, Signora.
La hora de la comida es otra cosa: acuden todas sin falta a la gran mesa principal y comen, con todas las alegrias y complicidades y envidias de un clan, con la rotunda Signora en la cabecera, desde donde eleva la plegaria ritual para agradecer los alimentos y la salud de cada dia.
In a brief prologue, Bassani makes clear that the members of the Finzi-Contini family died in the Holocaust: "for Micol, the second child, the daughter, and for her father, Professor Ermanno, and her mother, Signora Olga, and Signora Regina, Signora Olga's ancient, paralytic mother, all deported to Germany in the autumn of '43, who could say if they found any sort of burial at all?
Signora gets the trip Tony Newcombe was out of luck in the feature 1m2f handicap with Hanoverian Baron, but the race before he struck with travelling companion Signora Frasi, another longshot winner on the card, who came from last under Dane O'Neill to beat hot favourite Lord Lansing.
La Signora was a cultured and knowing lady, a Grande Dame (capital "G" and capital "D" essential).
The well-known artist Botticelli is employed to paint Flora's sister, a plan Signora Pazzi has hatched to marry a Pazzi to an eligible Medici son.
Signora (seen-YOR-uh) Antonelli leaned out the door on the floor below his.
Dim ond pedwar sydd ar ol yn y Casa erbyn hyn, ac fe fyddan nhw'n wynebu sialens gan ddau gogydd o fri, Signora Maria Sptagetti a Stefano Civatti.
The lifelike texture of the groom's cape and on the trim of the bride's dress, the folds that abound in the same dress and that fall below the bed's canopy, the finely depicted grain in the wooden floor, the lace on Signora Arnolfini's white headdress, and the interplay of highlights and shadow all combine to create an image of transcendent realism: a vision of the world that moves beyond the mere real and approaches something akin to magic.