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SILOSale-in, Lease-out (transaction)
SILOState of Iowa Libraries Online
SILOSparc Linux Loader
SILOSealed Interface Local Oxidation
SILOSignal Intercept from Low Orbit
SILOService in Logical Order (VMS queuing technique)
SILOSpecified Intended Learning Outcomes
SILOSub-Harmonically Injection-Locked Oscillator
SILOSwitched Injection-Locked Oscillator
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In the present instance the moisture content and angle of repose were significantly greater than the permissible limit specified in the silo documentation.
The victim was ultimately lifted from the silo in a transport basket and was lowered to paramedics on the ground.
Pasdaran officers boasted of the construction of silos as a major development for the defense of Iran, saying that very few countries have missiles in silos.
The outer wall of the silo was thin and built on top of the podium, with elongated bricks laid on their narrow end.
The man, who is believed to be in his 20s, was dragged by a conveyor belt and ended up stuck at the bottom of the lime dust-filled silo.
Air compressor set for cleaning bags of silo filters and control air have: Q = 50 [m.
The flexible silos are said to be manufactured like a custom-made suit in terms of shape, size and the type of polyester fabric selected.
After an evaluation of the operating requirements and facility layout, Frazier Bulk proposed a system that included two 30-ton silos and a 30-ton/hour bucket elevator to fill each silo.
Initially the aim was to fill the cylindrical voids with flats, but it quickly became apparent that punching apertures into the silo walls would compromise their structural integrity, so MVRDV and their Copenhagen collaborators JJW Arkitekter devised an ingenious alternative solution of hanging the apartments on the outside walls of the silos and wrapping them in a glass skin.
In the city of Silo Paulo alone, the number of stolen vehicles in 2005 was 40,107.
A silo top was purchased for $500 and moved to our property with the intent of using it for storage.