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SILTSchool Improvement Leadership Team (various locations)
SILTStudies in Language Testing
SILTSeparation in Lieu of Trial (by court martial; military justice)
SILTSmith Island Land Trust (North Carolina)
SILTSensation Intact to Light Touch
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Ni concentrations in the lake silt in other countries, as provided in the literature, fluctuate from 17.7 to 49.0 mg/kg (Lee et al.
Fence construction can be categorized as underground construction because a critical element in correctly installing an erosion-control, or silt fence, is firmly securing the bottom portion of the geotextile fabric in the ground.
Silt sized (0.002 to 0.05 mm): (150 g/280 g) x 100 = 54%
DOWN THE RIVER Scientists have monitored the flow of silt and other material to the sea in less than 10 percent of the world's rivers.
But a Port of Tyne spokeswoman said: "The Port removes 500,000 tonnes of naturally occurring silt from the river every year.
According to project leader Bjorn Bekken, the blades of the Hammerfest Strom turbine do not change the waterflow, so they don't impede silt or nutrient flows.
Measure the depth, and subtract the sand depth to get the SILT DEPTH.
Pin oaks, for example, are more adapted to silt and clay.
Laughter spills over dark water, the coastline "rocking in cypress knee chairs under the silt," singing their songs of death, waiting like saints, waiting like gods, promising no promises.
Along with the 1500 MW project, operations in the 412 MW Rampur project in Shimla district were also shut down after silt level increased in the river owing to heavy rainfall.