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SIMPStrongly Interacting Massive Particle
SIMPSatellite Information Message Protocol
SIMPSingle Integrated Maritime Picture (ballistic missile defense system)
SIMPSimple Intermachine Protocol
SIMPSingapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines (market region)
SIMPStanford International Mars Program
SIMPShipboard Integrated Maintenance Program
SIMPSquirrels in My Pants (song title)
SIMPSodium Ionization Monitor for Particulates
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When Kao and her team closely examined SIMP 0136+0933 and the other brown dwarfs, they found they couldn't easily relate their magnetic field strengths to the objects' masses, temperatures, or ages.
"When it was announced that SIMP J01365663+0933473 had a mass near the deuterium-burning limit, I had just finished analyzing its newest VLA data," said Kao.
The SIMP establishes permitting, data reporting and recordkeeping requirements for the importation of certain priority fish and fish products that have been identified as being particularly vulnerable to IUU fishing and/or seafood fraud.
The optimal layouts obtained by PLSM, CLSM, BESO, and SIMP are shown in Figures 3(a)-3(d), respectively, and it can be seen that the optimal layouts of different methods are almost identical and they are similar to the actual layout of deck arch bridge, which shows the effectiveness of PLSM.
In Section 3, the optimization problems of design peristaltic structure are proposed based on SIMP method.
Particularly, the similarities between the strain energy density (SED) approach (discussed in paragraph 2) for BR and the solid isotropic material with penalization (SIMP) (synthetized in paragraph 3) for TO, have been investigated.
(She died in 1964.) Mazie moved to New York from Boston when her older sister, Rosie, and her brother-in-law, Venice Theater owner Louis Gordon, took her and her sister, Jeanie, far from the father who had cheated on their "simp" of a mother.
Specifically, the subsidiary importance (SIMP) characteristic is used to represent the relative importance of the focal subsidiary within the MNC's internal network in terms of its contributions to MNC performance and operations (Wang et al.
PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk (SIMP) is a subsidiary of Indofood Agri Resources Ltd (IndoAgri), an integrated palm oil company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.
& Sancho, L.G.--2009b--Microclimatic measurements in antarctic and subantartic regions--17 th Simp. Bot.