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SIMPStrongly Interacting Massive Particle
SIMPSatellite Information Message Protocol
SIMPSingle Integrated Maritime Picture (ballistic missile defense system)
SIMPSimple Intermachine Protocol
SIMPStanford International Mars Program
SIMPSingapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines (market region)
SIMPShipboard Integrated Maintenance Program
SIMPSquirrels in My Pants (song title)
SIMPSodium Ionization Monitor for Particulates
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Traceability measures like the ones SIMP establishes are an internationally accepted method for combating IUU fishing and seafood fraud, and will help facilitate legal trade for law-abiding fishers and seafood producers in the US and abroad.
This means that a small change in the resulting mass does not necessarily translate into a different mass for the final design, since the density result returned by the SIMP algorithm requires interpretation before being translated into a manufacturable design, and the mass figures can only be indicative.
SIMP Model of Topology Optimization with Vector Continuous Mapping Matrix.
As described in paragraph 3, such an approach is applied within the SIMP method and is adopted herein.
SIMP was a pivotal group in the 1950s and 1960s, providing a link between jazz and rock, as well as between Indian-only performing contexts and multiethnic ones.
As discussed below, the SIMP characteristic has a moderating effect on the relationship between the MIA of an MNC and the knowledge inflows to the MNC's subsidiaries.
Tradicionalmente, la PR y el SIMP se definen como pertenecientes a dos voces gramaticales diferentes, esto es, la PR es una manifestacion de la voz pasiva, mientras que el SIMP pertenece a la voz activa (1).
2011--Microclima y actividad metabolica en la Antartida maritima (Isla Livingston)--VIII Simp.
SIMP has a number of subsidiaries including PT Indoagri Inti Plantation, PT Intimegah Bestari Pertiwi, PT SOG and PT BML which operates in oil palm plantations, cooking oil, coconut oil and other vegetable oil and fat industries.
An optional Sport mode adds additional grunt and makes overtaking that much simp m ler.
HUGHES Simon Hope you are finishing off your paper round up there Simp and earning a few bob