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SIMSystems Insight Manager (HP)
SIMSubscriber Identity Module (ETSI GSM technical specification)
SIMServing in Mission
SIMSingapore Institute of Management
SIMSecurity Information Management
SIMSociety for Information Management
SIMSubscriber Identification Module (PCS)
SIMSelected Ion Monitoring
SIMSpace Interferometry Mission
SIMSistema Interamericano de Metrologia (Inter-american Metrology System)
SIMSorry I'm Late
SIMSocial Influence Marketing
SIMSimple Instant Messenger
SIMSociety for Industrial Microbiology
SIMSecurity Information Manager
SIMStrategic Information Management
SIMSudan Interior Mission
SIMServicio de Inteligencia Militar (Spanish: Military Intelligence Service; various locations)
SIMSet Initialization Mode (HDLC)
SIMSystems in Motion
SIMSerial Interface Module
SIMSecurity Incident Management
SIMSystem Integration Module
SIMSingle-Ion Monitoring
SIMSociety for the Internet in Medicine
SIMSurat Izin Mengemudi (Indonesian driving license)
SIMStore Inventory Management
SIMService Impact Manager (BMC Software)
SIMSystems Integration Management
SIMSystèmes d'Information et Management (French)
SIMScanning Ion Microscope
SIMSystem Interface Module
SIMSerialized Item Management (US DoD)
SIMSource Independent Measurement (acoustical or electronic systems)
SIMSocietà Italiana Di Malacologia
SIMStress-Induced Martensite
SIMServizio Informazioni Militari (Italian: Military Intelligence Service; 1925-1945; Italy)
SIMService d'Informatique Médicale (French: Medical Informatics Service; Switzerland)
SIMSociety of Industrial Microbiology
SIMSecurity Identity Module (cell phone usage)
SIMService Impact Management (BMC software)
SIMSociété Immobilière de Mayotte (French: Public Estate Agency of Mayotte; France)
SIMService d'Intervention Sur Mesure (French: Service Tailored Interventions)
SIMServices in the Internal Market
SIMSymantec Incident Manager
SIMSignal Interface Module
SIMStress-in-Motion (road safety technology)
SIMStichting Inzichts Meditatie
SIMService Interaction Manager
SIMSupplier Improvement Metrics
SIMSerials in Microform
SIMSociety for the Increase of the Ministry
SIMSystem Integration Manager
SIMSingle Inline Module
SIMSemantic Information Manager
SIMService Information Message
SIMSelected Item Management
SIMSynchronization Interface Module (Telabs)
SIMSubscription Identity Module
SIMService Industry Marketing
SIMSkochinsky Institute of Mining (Russia)
SIMScientific Instruments Module (Apollo program)
SIMSparse Iterative Method
SIMSprint Instant Message
SIMSection of Integrative Medicine (Albuquerque, NM)
SIMSpectral Information Measure
SIMSales in Minutes
SIMSocieté Internationale Missionaire (French)
SIMService Ingénierie des Matériaux (French: Service Engineering Materials)
SIMSystem Impact Message
SIMSound Intensity Meter
SIMShore Infrastructure Modernization
SIMSensor Interaction Model
SIMServizio Informazione Segreto (Italian Secret Service in WWII)
SIMSpecial Interest Message
SIMStack Interface Module
SIMSystems & Information Map
SIMSubmarine Intended Movement
SIMSalon International du Meuble (French: International Furniture Fair)
SIMSpectral Irradiance Model
SIMSwitch Input Matrix
SIMScreened Images Multimedia, Inc.
SIMSystème d'Informations Marketing (French: Information System Marketing)
SIMSix-Inch Instrument Manipulator
SIMSystems Integration Manual
SIMSensor Input/Interface Module
SIMSpeakeasy INFOSEC Model
SIMSpecial Instrumented Missile
SIMSociedad de Inversiones Mobiliarias
SIMSyrasoft Internet Manager (Syrasoft LLC)
SIMService Identification Methodology (Service Oriented Architecture)
SIMSource Interlink Media (Bonita Springs, FL)
SIMSunday Inquirer Magazine
SIMSociety for International Ministries
SIMSystem Identity Manager (software)
SIMSilhouette Intimate Moments (now Silhouette Romantic Suspense)
SIMSecondary Ion Mass (chemistry)
SIMStaff for Installation Management (US Army)
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For example, with the exception of the cockpit, 100 percent of the MV-22 full flight mission simulator hardware is COTS.
The RT-LAB Electric Drive Simulator smoothly transitions non-real-time models to real-time simulation by providing support for:
With immersive thrill rides, you can't manipulate the simulator scenery.
While enthusiasts may appreciate a simulator that has the buttons and switches of a real tank, the players usually don't want it to move or reload as slowly as the real thing.
Using a combination of mathematic formulas and empirically based rules, the simulator calculates the effect of the selected settings on melt temperature, flow rate during filling, pressure in the mold, and cooling rate.
The video screen wraps around the simulator in a 133-degree arc, the entire field of vision for most people.
Hubbard says that the simulator produces four types of sensations.
These are complex systems to operate; therefore simulators are often used to train plant operators as well as to determine optimal system setpoints.
TOTAL / AN (subsequent contract) Update and upgrade software for the engine room simulator systems (ERS Kongsberg MC90V) and liquid cargo simulator (Neptune and desktop Cargo Simulator - Kongsberg) including maintenance services for an engineering simulator systems (ERS Kongsberg MC90V) and liquid cargo simulator (Neptune and desktop Cargo Simulator - Kongsberg): 0/1 pcs 1 pc.
While training in the full-mission simulator, pilots use virtual reality weapons in virtual combat situations in which they experience the re-creation of reactions and responses that occur in real life.
District Court requesting a temporary restraining order to shut down testing of electronic components in the newly assembled EMPRESS-II simulator.
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