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SIRESServices Immobiliers Ruraux et Sociaux (French: Rural and Social Real Estate Services)
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"Sire," replied the courtier, laughing, in order that he might seem to comprehend the quotation, "your majesty may be perfectly right in relying on the good feeling of France, but I fear I am not altogether wrong in dreading some desperate attempt."
"And you, sire, prevent me from sleeping with your security."
"Oh, sire! since the battle of Worcester, everything is changed there.
Well, sire, I, in my turn, wish to take part in this game, where the stakes are thrown upon my royal mantle.
"Reflect, sire, before you are hurried away by anger," replied Fouquet.
"Be careful, sire, for this man has been deceived as every one else has by the prince's likeness to yourself."
"I said, sire, that four hundred thousand pounds are owing to the Scottish army."
"The example of Robert Bruce will absolve you, sire."
"Have mercy, sire! Is it not enough to have given all my goods to my judges, my plate to Monsieur de Torcy, my library to Master Pierre Doriolle, my tapestry to the governor of the Roussillon?
"Pardieu, yes sire!" replied the governor, astounded by the question.
"I do not accuse them, sire; but I leave your Majesty to judge what five armed men could possibly be going to do in such a deserted place as the neighborhood of the Convent des Carmes."
"I say that it is probable that things have fallen out so, but I will not swear to it, sire. You know how difficult it is to discover the truth; and unless a man be endowed with that admirable instinct which causes Louis XIII to be named the Just--"