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John Leon, chair of Coventry Figure Skating Club, said: "It's great to see GB squad skaters competing in Coventry, but equally important to us are the young up-and-coming skaters who are the potential ice stars of the future.
SCORES of skaters are gearing up for the Autumn Polar Club Competition at Whitley Bay Ice Rink on Sunday, writes ALEX WIGNALL.
More studies about possible increasing prevalence of stress fractures in figure skaters and contributing factors are lacking (Dubravcic-Simunjak et al.
He said the skater, who spoke in Arabic, was more than likely using abusive language when he asked him to be careful and stop disturbing visitors to the gardens.
We are really trying to hear the community to meet the needs of every skater and biker," said Glenn Bogna, the city's project manager for the skate park.
The International Organization for Standardization's standard for vibrating hand tools predicts that the amplitude of the vibrations the skaters were exposed to in the Canadian study, if increased to two hours per day, could result in stage one of Raynaud's phenomenon in 30% of the skaters in just three years.
Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 was the best- selling video game in the U.
Ten people were seriously injured yesterday when hundreds of in-line skaters collided in an Amsterdam tunnel during a race.
At 28, Galindo remains the only openly gay competitive figure skater.
Obviously you can't do this if you're a beginner skater,'' said Pantino, a former professional skater turned choreographer.