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SKASkills, Knowledge & Ability
SKASkates (FAO fish species code)
SKASouthern Kingfish Association
SKASmall Kitchen Appliances
SKAStella K. Abraham High School (Hewlett, NY)
SKAShare Key Authentication
SKASocket a
SKASimple Key Agreement
SKASmart Keep Alive
SKASquare Kilometer Array (radio telescope)
SKAShared Key Authentication (computing)
SKAShotokan Karate Association
SKASpace-Based Kill Assessment (US DoD)
SKASpace-Based Kill Assessment (Missile Defense Agency)
SKASecret Key Algorithm
SKASecure Kiosk Account
SKASveiby Knowledge Associates
SKASport Knowledge Australia
SKASender Keep All (payment-free ISP interconnection arrangement)
SKAStrange Kigurumi Army
SKASeniors Kick Ass (high school)
SKASouthern Kayak Anglers
SKAService Knowledge Advanced (Australian Air Training Corps)
SKASuper Kick Ass
SKASea Kayak Adventures, Inc.
SKASeattle Kitesurfing Association
SKAScottish Kempo Academy
SKASoyuz Kommercheskogo Avangarda (band)
SKASkills, Knowledge, Attributes
SKAStandaardisatie Kantoorautomatisering (Dutch)
References in classic literature ?
I haven't got my skates," Levin answered, marveling at this boldness and ease in her presence, and not for one second losing sight of her, though he did not look at her.
Linon, said something to her, and went towards the pavilion where the ladies took off their skates.
This comes of a common man putting himself above his station by getting into gentlemen's skates," he said.
Winkle, with his face and hands blue with the cold, had been forcing gimlet into the soles of his boots, and putting his skates on, with the points behind, and getting the straps into a very complicated and entangled state, with the assistance of Mr.
said Wardle, dragging off his skates with the impetuosity which characterised all his proceedings.
As for bruises, nobody who skates decently regards it as a bruise-producing exercise, and whenever there were any they were all on Minora; but she did happen to turn round once, I remember, just as I was in the act of tumbling down for the first and only time, and her delight was but thinly veiled by her excessive solicitude and sympathy.
The servants reported that his bed had been slept in and his skates and his fancy costume were gone, as if he had risen early for the purpose he had himself avowed.
There was plenty of time to try the new skates before dinner, and then Rose took her first lesson on the little bay, which seemed to have frozen over for that express purpose.
It was so beautiful, that even the blocks of ice danced about for joy; and when they were tired and laid themselves down, they formed exactly the letters which the Snow Queen had told him to find out; so now he was his own master, and he would have the whole world and a pair of new skates into the bargain.
As he went through the streets the skates clanked in his pocket.
She raced all over town on one roller skate, often cheated at `keeps,' but was such a quick shot one couldn't catch her at it.
Grimshaw would curl his lip in a sneer and mutter: "The cheap skate.