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SKIMSentry Key Immobilizer Module (vehicle security)
SKIMSpill Cleanup Inventory (system)
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Sensory panelists confirmed the existence of increased cooked and sulfur-eggy flavors in skim and reformulated skim milk processed by DSI-UP followed by IND-UP and HTST pasteurization.
Skim Technologies employs the use of its two API's; the Triggers API that automatically detects latest articles and blog posts relevant to breast cancer, and the Skim API, that uses Natural Language Processing to generate summaries of the information to present as flashcards in the app.
"The event takes quite a long time," says Hugo, explaining that each competitor aims to skim their stone towards an area at the back of the quarry marked by buoys.
The information that I don't have, however, is how these sixty-five 'skims' across the water's surface were measured.
Sperm motility did not differ (P>0.05) due to extenders up to 72 h of storage, however, at 96 h of storage, sperm motility was better conserved (Pless than 0.05) in SKIM compared to BUF, COW, CAM and MOD.
Coffee Drinks (based on Calories Fat Sat Fat medium-sized drink**) (g) (g) HOT Caribou Coffee Campfire Mocha 560 31 20 (2% milk, whipped cream) [check] Caribou Coffee Caramel High Rise 220 1 0 (skim milk, no whipped cream) Caribou Coffee Northern Lite Turtle Mocha 265 8 5 (skim milk, non fat whipped cream) Dunkin Donuts Caramel Mocha Latte (milk) 330 9 6 Dunkin Donuts Mocha Latte (skim milk) 270 1 0.5 Dunn Bros.
"As the Skim Plus Fiber and Skim Plus Omega-3 offer digestive and heart health benefits respectively, we are confident that our customers will love the creamy, delicious taste and fortified nutrition" Both carry a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a Half gallon.
In the second study, researchers from New Zealand measured the acute effects of skim milk consumption on serum urate concentrations in 16 healthy male volunteers, in light of reports that skim milk was beneficial in gout prevention.
Kimberly Keiko Cameron, otherwise known as Skim, is just your regular teenager in the early 1990s.
Kim Cameron (Skim to everyone) wants to be a witch, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it.
This is all the more reason to applaud Skim as it manages to conjure a variety of tag words--like (first) love, friendship, suicide, family, goth, Wicca, depression and homosexuality--without losing focus, and without seeming insincere.
First, that all cash-business owners are assumed to skim. Second, because Raymond had told the forensic accountant they were skimming.