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Viscosity of molten slag describes the resistance of fluid against its deformation by a shear stress and can be measured by concentric cylinder viscometer.
Previous research has shown slag heaps can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere because of their chemical make-up - a process known as sequestration.
Slag cement was utilized in all concrete elements of the 5,200-cu.
The study, which was conducted over the last 30 months, was aimed at creating and developing innovative and highly useful applications of steel slag in asphalt, concrete, and unbound construction applications.
4 million tonnes of slag per year, replacing an obsolete unit, which processed 1.
NRD environmental scientist Pat Cunneen says the state has historical information that shows the tailings from the smelter were placed under the slag walls and behind it along Silver Bow Creek.
The compressive strength of slag blended concrete generally relates to materials properties, such as water to binder ratios and slag replacement ratios, and curing conditions, such as curing temperatures.
Blast furnace slag is a nonmetallic byproduct of iron and steel production.
A new slag dumping system designed for Vale by Sudbury automation specialist Ionic Engineering allows operators to tip the huge steel pots by pushing buttons and operating a joystick in the comfort of the locomotive.
President of Semen Indonesia Dwi Soetjipto said the joint venture company will process by products of Krakatau Steel in the form of granulated slag into slag powder.
The early work derived from this collaboration demonstrated the high chemical stability of activated slag mortars when exposed to sulfates and seawater (Puertas et al.