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little did those evil children guess who should be the slayers and who should be the slain before that sun sank!
Show them to me truly, and your gifts shall be great; and for them, if they be a nation, they shall be slain. Now begin.
Chaka drew near, and looked at the piled-up heaps of the slain and the cloud of dust that yet hung over them.
Slowly it forced its path, pushing the slain this way and that, till at length it stood upon its feet and tottered towards us--a thing dreadful to look on.
Say, is it fit To slay anew a man already slain? Is Death at work again, Stroke upon stroke, first son, then mother slain?
None the less miserably shall you perish till there is not a man of you but has paid in full for the death of Patroclus and the havoc you wrought among the Achaeans whom you have slain while I held aloof from battle."
Then he went in chase of the Paeonians, who were flying along the bank of the river in panic when they saw their leader slain by the hands of the son of Peleus.
He swelled his stream into a torrent, and swept away the many dead whom Achilles had slain and left within his waters.
All was now covered with the flood of waters, and much goodly armour of the youths that had been slain was rifting about, as also many corpses, but he forced his way against the stream, speeding right onwards, nor could the broad waters stay him, for Minerva had endowed him with great strength.
Police said the guns used by the slain suspects were recovered.
The slain soldier's family and the whole village gathered to pay their final respect to the slain jawan.
Almost all the district and tehsil bar associations in Punjab held Quran Khawani and offered Fateha for the eternal peace of the slain lawyers.