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SLAKESalt Lake (LDS temple)
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He was convicted at Durham Assizes of killing 71-year-old local magistrate Nicholas Fairles near Jarrow Slake at the height of the 1832 miners' strike in the Durham and Northumberland coalfields.
He was convicted of killing 71-year-old local magistrate Nicholas Fairles near Jarrow Slake at the height of strike.
A free bus will be provided to take walkers back to Slake Road car park.
Officials told brewer Gordon Stewart that while football fans can slake their thirst in metric measure abroad, in Britain it has to be imperial.
His body was then suspended in a metal cage on Jarrow slake as a grim warning to anyone ( particularly the striking miners who were discovering their collective muscle ( who might cross the bosses.
So when a surfeit of nitrogen is available -- or the biological activity of the forest has been slowed by acidification -- timberlands may slake their thirst for nitrogen without using much, if any, nitrate.
4 Microsoft paid pounds 120 million for a slake in which social networking Site?
So far 23 passengers have quit the ship, while the remainder slake their thirst on free booze, put on by P&O - so far consuming 6,000 bottles of wine and champagne and more than 4,000 pints of beer.
Limewash, a mixture of water and lime slake, is made by the building team from material produced in limepits at the trust's Wallington estate.
Though local potato growers have begun irrigating their fields with costly overhead sprinklers, farmers slake the thirst of most area crops with inexpensive irrigation furrows--drit ditches that run along each planted row.
Jobling, 30, was hanged, his body covered in pitch and placed in an iron cage before he was hung on a gibbet at Jarrow Slake. The incident happened in 1832.
And throughout the world, cities are diverting irrigation water to slake the thirst of their growing masses.