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SLEWSStudent and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship (California)
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The Cadmeans were incensed at his success, and set a force of fifty youths with two captains--the godlike hero Maeon, son of Haemon, and Polyphontes, son of Autophonus--at their head, to lie in wait for him on his return journey; but Tydeus slew every man of them, save only Maeon, whom he let go in obedience to heaven's omens.
First Antilochus slew an armed warrior of the Trojans, Echepolus, son of Thalysius, fighting in the foremost ranks.
Forthwith Ajax, son of Telamon, slew the fair youth Simoeisius, son of Anthemion, whom his mother bore by the banks of the Simois, as she was coming down from Mt.
All these the Taphians, famous shipmen, slew in fight for oxen with shambling hoofs,....
....whom, on a time Phoebus himself slew unwittingly with a ruthless disk....
With a Meade Autostar, select the next star by hitting any direction button or the Down scroll key anytime during a slew. If a slew has finished, just hit the Down key.
One catch: if the mount slews up from the west, when it reaches the meridian it stops and waits for you to command it to flip itself to the other half of the sky, where it will resume tracking the satellite to the east.