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SLIMSimpler Legislation for the Internal Market (EU)
SLIMSimple Login Manager
SLIMSymantec License Inventory Manager
SLIMSchool of Library and Information Management (Emporia State University)
SLIMSuccess Likelihood Index Methodology
SLIMSoftware Life Cycle Management
SLIMStructured Language for Internet Markup (early name for eXtensible Markup Language, XML)
SLIMSystems, Leadership, Integration and Management (Columbia-Bassett Medical School; New York)
SLIMSoftware Lifecycle Model
SLIMSubscriber Line Interface Module
SLIMSimple Legislation for the Single (1) Market
SLIMStrategic Logical Information Model
SLIMStencil-Mask Lithographic Ion Implanter
SLIMSystematic Land Information Management (various nations)
SLIMSupportive Leadership Improved Management
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I ain't used to company--don't like it," Slim growled.
But I flashed my dough and Slim sent several of the younger men off to buy the booze.
The day was so beautiful, the sun so bright, everything around so gay, but that slim pretty girl did not know, or wish to know, of his existence and was contented and cheerful in her own separate- probably foolish- but bright and happy life.
In many successive visits we came to know his stage well--the purple semicircle of hills, the slim trees leaning over houses, the yellow sands, the streaming green of ravines.
What can that stiff slim self of hers do with such sights, such visions
To clamber up that slim shaft without dragging Ja down and precipitating both to the same doom from which the copper-colored one was attempting to save me seemed utterly impossible, and as I came near the spear I told Ja so, and that I could not risk him to try to save myself.
The slim man with the scar on his cheek was still close by us.
With her slim fingers grasping the collar of a wolf hound upon either side of her Meriem walked on toward the bungalow upon the porch of which a woman dressed in white waved a welcome to her returning lord.
Phaidor's slim hand shot out to close upon the black's dagger wrist.
Diana pursed up her lips, put her black head on one side critically, and finally pronounced in favor of the beads, which were thereupon tied around Anne's slim milk-white throat.
The result of this system is, that lecture-courses upon specialties of an unusual nature are often delivered to very slim audiences, while those upon more practical and every-day matters of education are delivered to very large ones.
Her sister, Miss Watson, a tolerable slim old maid, with goggles on, had just come to live with her, and took a set at me now with a spelling-book.