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SLOPSpatial Location Protocol (IETF)
SLOPStrategic Lateral Offset Procedure (aeronautics)
SLOPSelf-selected Listener Opinion Poll
SLOPServer Logging Operations Platform
SLOPStichting Loosdrechts Porselein
SLOPStandby Lube Oil Pump
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If Bravo is only controlling one of these variables (the receiver bore) a fit with slop can still occur when using "skinny" dimension extensions.
The hand-drawn gouges in the Cosmic Slop read as quotations about urgency rather than urgency itself, and the implied musical grooves are so highly distanced that they flatten into hipster hieroglyphs.
Through the SlOP initiative, Bayless Junior High staff worked with Pearson and a MELL program coach in the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 school years.
The Swedish oil cleaning and oil recovery systems provider Viatech Systems AB said on Friday (17 March) that its subsidiary Viatech Heavy Oil AB has received a letter of intent regarding an order for a slop oil separation platform from the environmental services company Dewatech AB.
Slop on a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15;
We use plastic (free) 5-gallon buckets for water, and an old army pan, that we got at a yard sale, for feed and slop.
by invoking through his art such verbs as drop, plop, slop, fwaap
But week long hangovers and empty pockets were well-disguised when revellers packed in to Bar 1:22 to party like it was the end of the world for Huddersfield events promoter Slop Pop, which was celebrating its first birthday.
PITY the poor residents of Sandwell, who will this week start receiving Medieval-style slop buckets in which to deposit their kitchen waste.
Summary: Households face fines of up to Au500 for failing to recycle food scraps in Government plans to introduce a slop bucket into every home.
Sid the Seagull first squawked "slip, slap, slop" 25 years ago in probably Australia's most recognisable public health campaign - appealing to people Down Under to "slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on sunscreen".