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In the paper [3], it divides the 1/2 wavelength slot antenna from the center point to form a 1/4 wavelength slotted antenna, and thus the antenna combined with a unipolar antenna is formed.
In the papers [5, 6], a unipolar slotted antenna with wide slot structure is designed, and its structural parameters are analyzed in detail, and the method of improving bandwidth of the antenna is also proposed.
One form of CLAS, known as Slotted Waveguide Antenna Stiffened Structure (SWASS), integrates Slotted Waveguide Antennas (SWAs) into the load-bearing vehicle structure (see Figure 1).
The authors of this paper have proposed and justified [19] a numerical-analytical method, named as generalized method of MMF, intended for diffraction problem at slotted elements.
Data shows that the slotted DP plate has a smaller head loss for a given, equivalent Beta ratio and flow rote and faster pressure recovery than the standard orifice plate.
Yuba, The effect of limiting the number of retransmission trials on the stability of slotted aloha systems, IEEE Trans.
A slotted waveguide array has been developed for application as a point-to-point antenna for the European Telecommunication Standard Institute's (ETSI) 23 GHz radio link frequency band.
In this paper, a novel edge slotted waveguide antenna array is proposed based on the T-shaped cross-section waveguide.
"We have one customer that saved $500,000 a year by keeping their system strategically slotted," says Wetherell.