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"With the Galaxy S9 and S9+, we are able to utilize amazing features like slow motion in our production, and at the same time show our audience they no longer need expensive equipment or software to capture their favorite moments in the highest quality and share them with friends."
Tree Song, without sentimentality, generated images of earthworms wriggling in slow motion, beached seals, of anything suspended and gradually draining of life.
You don't deserve to live!" Harsh, distorted music plays over an image of teenage boys absorbed in a mosh pit, filmed in an elastic, narcotically slow motion. Silky bangs swirl around their lowered eyes; big jeans and T-shirts billow; callow, powerful bodies jerk as if each were trapped in a private cell within the collective trance.
SUPERTRAMP may long ago have slipped from the consciousness of the record buying public, but they still have enough die-hard fans to fill the Armadillo to hear them plug their new album Slow Motion.
The company has now added a new enhancement to growing portfolio of automated editing options - Slow Motion.
Opening with a drumming invocation, the program contrasted classical Bharata Natyam performed by the long-limbed Priyadarshini Govind with contemporary work by the Mumbai (Bombay) artist Astad Deboo, whose slow motion dance on the raised roof of the stage created a transcendent moment in the moonlight.
Crashtest, 2001, takes this familiar sequence directly from a video and passes it through a series of computer modifications, adjusting the speed to an awkward slow motion and turning a sharp recording into gauzy layers of scratches and smears.
The use of instructional narrative, freeze-flames, and slow motion make the technique accessible to teachers as well as students.
The schism between image and sound (the images were sometimes in slow motion, while the sound played at original speed) made for a subtle provocation.
They are shown in slow motion: The feminine hands turn a lipstick lasciviously out of its case; run lovingly over the tip of an eyeliner pencil, like a displaced striptease.
The steps are taught by Jhung and then demonstrated--in real time, slow motion, and freeze frame--by American Ballet Theatre soloist Michele Wiles, who was a gold medalist at Varna in 1996.
In The Pallasades 05-01-01, 2001, shot in Birmingham, England, a dense crowd of people moves in slow motion, seen from an almost perfectly frontal perspective.