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SOTUState of the Union (US presidential speech; also seen as SOTUS)
SOTUSounds of the Universe (Depeche Mode album)
SOTUSpecial Operations Task Unit
SOTUSlow on the Uptake (Internet slang)
SOTUSecrets of the Universe (website; game)
SOTUSymptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath song)
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THROW OUT WELCOMING MAT Too many years; more than I care to say Amazing how time seems to run away I've packed in so much; now where should I start Busy assessing; why did we depart Disappearing act I'm rather confused Of known in advance I would have refused Terms were always good; I'm sure about that On your return; throw out welcoming mat Few grey hairs; little slow on the uptake I mean to say the time apart; mistake Catch up, going to take a week or so Keep in touch; going to be a tomorrow Make up for lost time; continue repeat Overwhelmed; I can't wait until we meet In my heart holds a special place for you Since we last met; my!