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SLUGSSun Lovers Under Gray Skies (naturist group; Washington)
SLUGSSociety of Linguistics Undergraduate Students (US and Canada)
SLUGSSheffield University LAN (Local Area Network) Gaming Society (UK)
SLUGSSobriety, Love, Unity, Growth, Spirituality (addiction recovery)
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There was an unwholesome little arbour in one dark corner, much frequented by the larger black slug, where I used to pass glorious afternoons making plans.
Slugs and snails love damp conditions and are most active at night, which is why walking outside in the evening after rain is like navigating a minefield sometimes.
To keep the slugs in my garden under control, I use several different prongs of attack.
The humid weather has become an ideal breeding ground for Spanish slugs, which are known to feast on plants as well as dead mice and even each other.
For achieving the highest level of accuracy with slugs, I have found that using slugs that are the same size or slightly larger than the choke work best.
The advances in shotgun slugs in the past couple decades may not have the same sex appeal compared to rifle and handgun ammo, but advances nave been considerable.
Warnings went out much earlier in the season predicting a slug population explosion, warning that young plants are particularly vulnerable to attack, but when slugs are on the rampage and in numbers as great as they have been this year due to the mild winter and wet summer, nothing is safe.
While many people opt for slug pellets, Paul claims that even so-called organic varieties may harm other wildlife.
The explosion in the slug population predicted earlier this year is painfully evident in my garden.
QI HAVE a severe slug problem but don't feel comfortable using slug pellets as I have pets.
Wood ashes spread in a 4-inch band around plants seem to deter slugs, but it's better to avoid them.
The discoveries were made as researchers collected slugs to be catalogued in a comprehensive 140 page identification guidebook published this month by the Field Studies Council.