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SMAILSnail Mail
SMAILSystème Multimédia d'Auto-Apprentissage Interactif de Langues (French: Multimedia System for Auto-Interactive Language Learning)
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Since July 2015, Smail has served as Vice Chairman of the board of directors and Chairman of the Executive Committee for Farmers National Banc Corp.
Ces elements reunis, - auxquels s'ajoute l'attention particuliere a la culture et aux traditions de la region de Djelfa-, font de [beaucoup moins que] Moula El Hayra [beaucoup plus grand que] un des romans les plus aboutis de Smail Yabrir, tant sur le plan formel que dans les themes, deja presents dans [beaucoup moins que] Wassyat El maatouh [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Barida ka ountha [beaucoup plus grand que], ses deux precedents romans.
A birdie at the 17th and a neat up and down on the final hole was enough to beat Smail, who shot a three-under-par 69.
Despite his rejection of the conventional apparatus of history and his emphasis on the salience of biology, Smail fortunately does not proceed on to the glib analyses of "evolutionary psychology" and other "biologized" deformities of some big histories.
He clocked 25:40mins for the 8km race with Smail taking the win in 25:11 ahead of Chadi and Bekele.
But Smail, who shot a 69 on Friday, took the game by the scruff of the neck and bagged five birdies by the 10th hole.
Smail recognized and admitted many of the unsatisfying flaws inherent to his book.
Paul Smail, Azouz Begag, and the Invention of the Beur [Author sup (1)]
42 crafted a final round five-under par 67 to squeeze into a play-off with Australian Mathew Goggin after New Zealander David Smail blew a three-stroke lead with just four holes to play.
On Deep History and the Brain, by Daniel Lord Smail.
He gets a big start in Sporting's 18-holers but is no forlorn hope to beat either Kiwi journeyman David Smail or American rookie Michael Letzig.
Pinsents totalled 130 with Alastair Smail ending the innings with two wickets in two balls.