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SMILESecurity Made in Lëtzebuerg (cyber-crime group, Luxembourg)
SMILESocial Media the Internet and Law Enforcement (conference)
SMILESeamonkey Interface Library for Extensions
SMILESparc Macrocell and Interface Library Elements
SMILEStructure, Meaning, Imagery, Language, Effect (literature education)
SMILEScience and Math Investigative Learning Experiences Program
SMILESpatial Multiplexing of Local Elements
SMILESmart-Power ICs (Integrated Circuits) for Lighting Applications
SMILESpiritually Minded Is Life Eternal
SMILEStudents Making It a Little Easier (freshman orientation in West Caldwell NJ)
SMILEStudents' Mobilization Initiative for Learning Through Exposure (Indian youth initiative)
SMILEStanford Medicine Information and Learning Environment
SMILEStudents Mastering Important Lifeskills Education
SMILESingle Mothers in A Learning Environment
SMILEService Makes Individual Lives Exciting
SMILESmart Management Interface Local Exchange
SMILESpreading Multiculturalism and Inspiring Leadership Through Education (Berkeley, CA)
SMILESignal, Mirror, Interior, Lights, Engine (drivers education)
SMILESemiconductor Microcavity Light Emitter
SMILESelf Motivation In Lasting Endorphins (UK self-help group)
SMILESaving More Illinois Lives Through Education (health project)
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Even forcing a fake smile can legitimately reduce stress and lower your heart rate,' adds Dr.
World Smile Day celebrated on the first Friday of October, encourages you to take action to bring a few more smiles into the world.
html) BrainQuote about happiness and why is it so important to smile.
A beautiful smile is a combination of factors that communicate a sense of well-being to those who see it," says Jamie Reynolds, an orthodontist, lecturer, and author of World Class Smiles, Made in Detroit: The Straight-Shooting Orthodontist's Guide to Your Amazing Smile.
The researchers believe the wrinkle lines formed around the eyes during a smile make a person look older.
Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) has announced the launch of its Smiles Credit Card, the new card that is loaded with a host of compelling benefits for travel lovers as well as businessmen.
The muscles we use to smile act as a temporary facelift, making a person appear younger.
A self-administered smile esthetic self-perception questionnaire was given to each student from first till fifth undergraduate year to assess self-smile esthetics.
If smiling can intensify feelings of pleasure and happiness and if frowning can amplify feelings of pain or sadness, we are clued into two simple ways of consciously acting to improve our emotional experience: smile more and frown less.
Sadly, many of us don't, not because we don't want to smile but because we have forgotten the art of smile because of various reasons, and now it has become a habit.
SMILE SHIELD[TM] comes in a pocket size, easy to carry tube with a soft brush applicator for anywhere, anytime usage.