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Twenty Five individuals who were addicted to cigarette smoking were named active smokers. Twenty Five males who did not take cigarette smoke but were found very close to active smokers were named passive smokers.
From happy hour, to entree, to dessert, use any brand of electric smoker to wow your family and neighbors with smoke flavor without building a smokehouse in your backyard.
Jordanian expat, Jamal Suwais, a reformed smoker has a different point of view: "I used to smoke within the time that was allotted for my regular break.
Hygiene (the smell of tobacco, bad breath), and also social reasons (having to accompany the smoker outside a premises to smoke) explain this trend.
Cigarette smoking is a serious health problem to smokers and to those exposed to it.
Ex-Smoker: Someone who was formerly a daily or occasional smoker, but currently does not smoke at all.
The investigators used cohort data to classify each individual as a smoker or a nonsmoker.
After due permission from ethical committee and written informed consent, the present study was carried out on a group of apparently healthy 108 subjects from medical college--including 36 each in non-smoker, light-smoker and heavy smoker group--further subdivided into 9 each in 4 age ranges of 21-30 years, 31-40 years, 41-50 years and 51-60 years.
Of the 850 former smokers, roughly 320 had smoked less than 32 pack-years.
However, the use of this substance can result in receiving a cigarette smoker's rates, which are substantially higher than those of a non-smoker.