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SMUGSyracuse Macintosh Users Group (New York state)
SMUGSydney Mac Users Group
SMUGSavannah Macintosh Users Group (est. 1986; Savannah, GA)
SMUGStores Management Upgrade
SMUGSouth Mountain Users Group
SMUGSpokane Microcomputer Users Group (Spokane, WA)
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Like older generations who lived through wartime rationing and can't abide waste as a result, no-one who followed English cricket between 1989 and 2005 will ever pass up the opportunity to feel smug at the Australians.
The smug chaps, particularly Hunt/Osborne, have got out of jail free so repeatedly they must think they're untouchable.
Being among God's chosen gave me a certain smug comfort in dealing with anybody I disliked or disagreed with.
Conversely, the blogocrats can be obnoxiously smug about the virtues of the blogs.
And when, in a last-minute attempt to sprint home through the Millennium Stadium, desperate to beat my friend Jenny, my body reminded me that I'm 32 not 12 and I was ill on the hallowed turf - smug runner became a sick joke.
The SMUG technique uses specially designed wellheads and leaching equipment to flush salt from the caverns.
There is still the chance of a future free of the deliberate, smug violence of empire or the capricious violence of fanaticism or vendetta.
OK, it's a little smug, and has some of the aforementioned problems: an article on absinthe, a fake advice column with hangover cures, and a six-page treatise on the "State of Modem Skateboarding," which is the main article.
Their hypersensual undulations are totally sexual, and their slightly smug relationship to the automotive world is as dysfunctional as it is eager.
Waterman were compiling their tome, Big Blue was showing signs of growing fat and smug.
It doesn't take more than a few drinks at Washington dinners to start a round of smug jokes at the allies' expense.
Besides, it warns me against being too trusting or too smug.