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SMUGSyracuse Macintosh Users Group (New York state)
SMUGSydney Mac Users Group
SMUGSavannah Macintosh Users Group (est. 1986; Savannah, GA)
SMUGStores Management Upgrade
SMUGSouth Mountain Users Group
SMUGSpokane Microcomputer Users Group (Spokane, WA)
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Next week the latest venture, Brighouse Comedy Festival, is launched with star of the show stand-up comedian and actor Smug Roberts, who has appeared in top TV shows including Phoenix Nights and Mrs Brown's Boys.
Phil is smug after Max signs over the |Arches and the car lot to him
But they may well be feeling less smug when they get home and face an unexpectedly huge phone bill.
Like older generations who lived through wartime rationing and can't abide waste as a result, no-one who followed English cricket between 1989 and 2005 will ever pass up the opportunity to feel smug at the Australians.
The smug chaps, particularly Hunt/Osborne, have got out of jail free so repeatedly they must think they're untouchable.
Gertrude is one of those goats who is not only good at everything she turns her hooves to, she is smug about it .
He was smug towards us, the way he was talking to my players, my senior players.
That is not why we lost but he was smug towards us, the way he was talking to my players, my senior players.
Outside Perth Sheriff Court, smug McKenzie said: "I expect her to be sent to prison and there was no way in the world I would want to miss that.
I don't want to sound smug but architecture is a worldwide thing which can be discussed from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that there is a common core of admired buildings and received ideas.
According to Stovall, Yerby was a real piece of work--arrogant, smug and condescending toward women and fellow African Americans.