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SNAGStarting New at Golf (educational equipment)
SNAGSociety of North American Goldsmiths
SNAGSensitive New Age Guy
SNAGSchool Nutrition Action Group
SNAGSenior Nevada Advocates on Guard
SNAGStudent Nurses' Association of Guam
SNAGSeafloor Noise Advisory Group
SNAGSingle Native American Guy
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It certainly was a slight armament with which to run the gauntlet through countries swarming with hostile hordes, and a slight bark to navigate these endless rivers, tossing and pitching down rapids, running on snags and bumping on sand-bars; such, however, are the cockle-shells with which these hardy rovers of the wilderness will attempt the wildest streams; and it is surprising what rough shocks and thumps these boats will endure, and what vicissitudes they will live through.
It required all his attention and skill, however, to pilot her clear of sand-bars and snags of sunken trees.
I had to watch the steering, and circumvent those snags, and get the tin-pot along by hook or by crook.
"Our Hyderabad-bound flight UK869 returned to Mumbai due to a technical snag detected after take-off," Vistara spokesperson said.
The theme of SNAG's 2020 conference symbolizes the host city of Philadelphia and the fields of metalsmithing and jewelry, both of which are constantly evolving with the times and continuously reinventing themselves.
Habitat characteristics used as dependent variables included: mean stand density, mean stand DBH, variation in stand DBH, snag density, mean snag DBH, shrub height, shrub cover, and CWD, resulting in a total of eight linear models.
However, as the lingering snag couldn't be solved even after 30 minutes into the exam, the MoE instructed the schools to replace the electronic exam with print.
Snag Work and other new platforms are the go-betweens, allowing users to pick up open shifts from retailers, restaurants and hotels that have gaps in their schedules.
Snag Work, which recently expanded to Washington, DC, says the arrangements are mutually beneficial for cash-strapped workers and understaffed businesses.
"An A320 (non neo) aircraft operating Cochin-Mumbai and another A320 (non neo) aircraft operating Mumbai-Goa, had technical snag detected during departure.
Caption: Sony's new image sensor, known as IMX324, can snag high-definition images of road signs as far as 160 meters (525 feet) away.
Anglers often try idling around a snag to free their bait from different angles.