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SNIBScottish National Investment Bank (Scotland, UK)
SNIBSkills Needs in Britain (employment survey; UK)
SNIBScramble Net Interface Board (hardware)
SNIBSerum-Neutralization Test for Infectious Bronchitis
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Unison Scottish organiser Dave Watson said: "SNIB is an opportunity to seize the economic opportunities of tackling climate change, but this must be done through an inclusive approach based on Just Transition principles."
Los componentes del Sistema son:Base de datos taxonomica-biogeografica en el sistema Biotica 5.0; Instructivo para la conformacion de bases de datos taxonomicas-biogeograficas compatibles con el SNIB; Protocolo de control de calidad de informacion; Procedimiento para sistematizar informacion en el SI-BMM; Base de datos de referencias en el sistema Reference Manager 12; Procedimiento para sistematizar informacion en el SI-BMM; Biblioteca de BMM; y Procedimiento para sistematizar informacion en el SI-BMM.
At Appin House, they have a buzzer system to get into the building but the door out is just a snib.
Un ejemplo de este tipo de procedimiento y enfoque es el utilizado por la CONABIO para el Sistema Nacional de Informacion sobre Biodiversidad (SNIB) que integra la informacion referente a cerca de seis millones de registros curatoriales, bases de datos de tipo taxonomico, ecologico, cartografico, bibliografico, etnobiologico, de uso y catalogos sobre recursos naturales y otros temas.
Tambien con ella se inicia el Programa de Repatriacion CONACYT-CONABIO para recuperar la informacion de ejemplares mexicanos depositados en colecciones del extranjero, que formara parte del Sistema Nacional de Informacion sobre Biodiversidad (SNIB).
Isobel was given a dingy basement room with only a single Yale lock with a broken snib as security.
David Snibs, 22, from Killingworth, who has known John since school, said: "His life was just about to turnaround for the better when he got that phone call from Nissan.
If Mendoza is accurately characterized as one who hypocritically "snibs filth in other men and retains it in himself" (3.3.28-29), we are perhaps justified in understanding Altofronto/Malevole as one who also "snibs filth" as part of his role, but does not "retain" it so much as apprehend it with constant imaginative intensity.
She performed elaborate rituals of checking and rechecking, the bolts and chains, the snibs and catches, the nails in every window, as if the house would take any opportunity to throw itself open to strangers.
Ordinary wool garments, even handmade ones, leave little snibs and puffs all through the brush on our farm, and must be treated like invalids.