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SNICKSaturday Night on Nickelodeon
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The ECB have demanded the reinstatement of the referral lost on Friday when third umpire Daryl Harper upheld on-field colleague Tony Hill's decision to give South Africa captain Graeme Smith not out - claiming not to have heard a snick which was apparent to millions of television viewers.
Snick the six-speed paddle shift auto into Sport, mash the throttle and 60 comes up in a spleen-splitting five seconds.
Derbyshire's challenge quickly subsided when wicketkeeper Davies stretched in front of first slip to take a snick from Steve Stubbings (22).
Snick into first gear and away, performance is what you would expect from a cooking British single but that gearbox is a gem.
Snick into first gear and away; performance is what you would expect from a British single, but that gearbox is a gem.
His next snick, however, brought an end to his 279-ball innings in which he struck 29 boundaries.
CHAMPIONS Denbighshire had their invincible record wrecked as a snick through the slips off the fifth ball of the final over gave Montgomeryshire a two-wicket victory in their North Wales Colts county championship thriller at Brymbo.
The test car also featured the Selespeed transmission that offers some of the thrill of Formula 1 motoring as you snick up and down the gears with the flick of two switches built around the steering wheel.
It being a single action, you cock the hammer back (snick, snick, SNICK) until lock-up, then a press of the spur trigger sets things in motion.
YOU LUCKYSO AND SO: Kevin Pietersen lets Zaheer Khan know what he thought of a snick for four over slips; ZIP IT UP: Zaheer hits back angrily, waving his bat at the England fielder, who he considered had spoken out of turn; CALM DOWN: Umpires Ian Howell and Simon Taufel intervene, telling Zaheer and his partner to cool it; SORT IT OUT: England's acting captain Andrew Strauss is told his players must cut out the jibes.
Harrison struck again when Wallace pouched a snick off a good length ball played defensively by Windows, whose 53 included six fours.
HOW THEY LINE UP FRANCE: Guigue (Avignon); Houles (London), Dulac (St Gaudens), Cornut (Villeneuve), Van Snick (Villeneuve); Frayssinous (Villeneuve), Devecchi (Toulouse, capt); El Khalouki (Villefranche), Wulf (Villeneuve), Gagliazzo (Villeneuve), Fellous (UTC), Vincent (Toulouse), Carrasco (Villeneuve).