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SNIDEService National d’information et de Documentation sur l’Eau (French: National Water-Related Information and Documentation Service)
SNIDESyndicat National des Concepteurs et Constructeurs des Industries du Déchet et de l'Environnement (French: National Union of Designers and Manufacturers of Waste Industries and the Environment)
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The heads, Snaggle, Snuffle, and Snide, can't agree on anything-quite like Ernest and his parents, who disapprove of their son's dream to become a jester.
SIR: Why the revulsion and snide remarks against the Future Systems' Selfridges store in Outrage (AR October) but praise for the Kunsthaus in Graz by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier (AR December)?
And Currin's technique, stiff but more than adequate, dry but not fussy, betokens too much effort for the sake of mere snide laughter.
This will yield grammatical reversal sentences such as "Adornable Debra bibbed Edin's rerun-in-Italy, mired-in-soot sopor-pacifiers as siren Nerissa's retoned, sexy, royal diva, snide Delta, felled Aylward.
Another 'zine that takes my jabs at snowbrucing in snide, this one's funny as shit at times and not afraid to take a few jabs at whatever.
I had grown concerned that [my boyfriend] was not aggressive, arrogant or snide.
Visitors to the site could make snide remarks about the dumbest dot-concepts, tell incredible stories about company waste, and lay odds on which dot-com would be the next to fail.
Now my gripe - will you please edit out snide remarks about the 'blue rinse and Jaeger type' who from my much wider experience than that of your reporter, have given so much to charities in shops and other places.
French discomfort over an increasing incidence of BSE tends to provoke snide reactions from British producers and former exporters indignant at the continuing refusal by Paris to permit purchases of beef from this country.
When the subject of international debt does not make eyes glaze over, it usually occasions snide moralism or, at best, a kind of benevolent paternalism.
But there is an external reality, unadorned with snide quotation marks.
Angus has taken his nastiest role yet, playing a mental patient in his latest US movie, Snide and Prejudice.