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SNIPSistema Nacional de Inversión Pública (Spanish: National Public Investment System)
SNIPSingle-Nucleotide Polymorphism (DNA sequence)
SNIPStrategic National Implementation Process
SNIPSpay and Neuter Immediately Please
SNIPSniff Nasal Inspiratory Pressure
SNIPSouthern New Jersey Internet Providers
SNIPStapleton Noise Insulation Program (Denver, CO)
SNIPSN Interoperability Program
SNIPStroitelnye Normy i Pravila (Russian Construction Codes and Regulations)
SNIPSingle Net Information & Plotting
SNIPSingle Namespace Instant-messaging Protocol (Snipware, LLC)
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The IJNS SNIP trend was the most stable of the 3 journals, with just 2 slightly negative trend lines (Figure 1).
Country: USASector: IT/Online ServicesTarget: Snip.
A CUT ABOVE Rebecca Denton and Keely Jackson are making a big success of their business Snip n Cut, thanks to social networking and word of mouth
Dara has said he no longer takes part in the sport, but greyhound activists believe otherwise and think that Snip Nua is unlikely to have been the comedian's first loss, since (they say) he's been involved in dog racing for at least a decade.
The trio were introduced to Snip Nua, which was owned by a syndicate, including the Co Wicklow funnyman - and even attended a race in which Snip Nua runs.
The company said that SNiP served commercial and residential customers in the tri-sate region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, an area already served by NetCarrier.
Once I got into the routine--snip, snip, toss, snip, snip, toss, blouse after blouse--I forgot about the other girls around me.
Or for chisels, pliers and larger-handled tools, just snip out wider openings in the mesh with a wire cutter.
Remove the old clamp, snip off the wire eyelet if there is one, and fit the wire into the new clamp Use a 3/32-in hex wrench from the No.
If the toe holes are too tight, cut a snip at the base of each toe--directions on how to do this are included.
To make their sensors, the researchers use three ingredients: 13-nanometer-wide gold particles adorned with short strands of DNA; strands of so-called catalytic DNA, which can snip apart other DNA, strands; and longer DNA strands to which the first two ingredients attach.