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SNIPEScalable Networked Information Processing Environment (Tennessee)
SNIPESoviet Naval Interdiction Possibilities, Europe
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Owner Ross Stephenson, 32, the MD of Cape SPC, a pest extermination expert firm in Liverpool, has been putting Snipe through his paces since late last year.
Snipe are found in marshy areas, particularly near exposed earth and especially near exposed black, mucky earth.
Snipe makes information available right when and where customers need it.
During the meeting, Snipe pointed out that Bulgaria is no longer on the US list of countries printing forged bills and threatening the US dollar.
This loss of habitat has resulted in snipe numbers dropping by up to 60 per cent--a critical situation according to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)--and lapwing and curlew numbers falling by 40 percent.
It's a matter of setting priorities," says Snipe, a labor and employment lawyer who is responsible for 2,000 billable hours per year at a large Atlanta law firm.
Snipe, 76, a self-made millionaire, had recently been concentrating on building up the reputation of Barnby Manor Stud on his palatial Nottinghamshire estate.
Keywords: waterfowl, lead shot, non-toxic shot, impoundments, common snipe.
We know little about the status of Jack Snipe in Britain, as they feed in muddy ditches on farmland, flying only when you approach closely.
Now integrated into the Dolina Gornej Narwi Natura 2000 site, it is the second most important site in Poland for the threatened, Annex I Birds Directive-listed small wader bird species, the great snipe (Gallinago media).
Saltholme Wildlife Reserve and Discovery Park have recently been awarded pounds 49,100 from The Veolia Environmental Trust which will be used to keep water levels controlled for three species of birds that have made their home there -lapwings, redshanks and snipe.