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SNIPSStandard Negotiable Instrument Processing System
SNIPSSpay/Neuter Incentive Project and Sanctuary (Virginia)
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Caption: Most pliers have carbide or titanium cutters, but a Boomerang Snip, second from left, is a better bet for braid.
It is unfortunate that Kelly Curran's grinning face appears directly beneath the headline, almost as if the 'snips' word choice were hers - an impression that is reinforced by the fact that her apparent delight in the many 'health benefits' of circumcising millions of Africans is featured throughout the article, supported by the 'incredible excitement' about the MC rollout expressed by Professor Francois Venter.
To make their sensors, the researchers use three ingredients: 13-nanometer-wide gold particles adorned with short strands of DNA; strands of so-called catalytic DNA, which can snip apart other DNA, strands; and longer DNA strands to which the first two ingredients attach.
We'll recommend a pair of tin snips that will get you through 90 percent of the jobs you'll run into.
She likes the colour so much that she snips off a piece of the material so that it can be matched up by Dulux.
A study found that the SNIPS (spontaneous, novel, impulsive shoppers) are more likely to land special offers than the FLIPS (focused, logical, incisive).
He writes about how several days after 9/11, he took a train into Manhattan with his construction gear (belt clip, tin snips, goggles, dust masks, flashlight, boots, and other tools) to help in the rescue operation.
To work the left side of a leaf, the bird views the action through its right eye and snips with the right side of its beak.
DULUX are under fire after an advert in which a woman snips a piece of a man's sweatshirt was copied in real life, it was revealed yesterday.
For working in those cramped spots, for example, on top of the duct (Photo Z), you'll need three types of aviation snips. A straight-cutting type, for making straight cuts; a left-handed snips for cutting circles to the left; and a right-handed snips for cutting to the right.