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snoRNASmall Nucleolar RNA
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Originally designed to analyze languages, they can calculate whether a sequence would fold into the snoRNA structure.
Each of about 60 snoRNAs directs an enzyme to a certain spot on ribosomal RNA, which is a component of the cell's protein-building machinery.
Ding's findings mark the first time that the lack of a distinct type of snoRNA has been directly linked to a human disease.
snoRNAs represent one of the largest groups of functionally diverse transactivating ncRNAs found in mammalian cells.
snoRNAs and miRNAs are 2 classes of small ncRNAs with diverse functions in RNA modification and posttranscriptional gene silencing (34).
Thereby, we were able to detect new keyplayers, such as snoRNAs and long ncRNAs, which seem to have a more important role in saliva than is currently understood.