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In the few snoozy moments it took me to grab my Cannon, the moon had gone ahead without me, leaving nothing to shoot.
Can you ignore the concept of fiction, always erudite, as game, pleasure, hobby, and puzzle--a mottage of rich and wellborn nouns that can roister with energetic verbs and colorful allusions, snoozy bedfellows all, content and uncomplained of?
The pop-up rugby hotel offers two options - an en-suite Snoozebox room or an inflatable Snoozy sleeping pod, with prices starting from PS99 a night.
you can get a bit snoozy after a while, so a festival is like a slap in the face.
Sleepy Snoozy Cozy Coozy offers a unique twist on the bedtime picturebook by showing a how a number of animals and their babies bed down for the night.
But the snoozy supporter had a rude awakening when police arrested him.
The musical tells the story of Snoozy Snowflake's reluctance to join the other snowflakes in making snow.
Mr Snoozy, an out-and-out galloper, whoideallywouldprefer 1m6f,simplydoesn'tpossessthe speedtobesuitedbysuchtactics.
THE CITY ARMS Womanby Street Cardiff STAFF: This is no community boozer where everyone knows your name, it's a city centre bar that's packed on Friday nights and snoozy during the week.
Even bigger guilt for being a bit snoozy at the office the next morning.
STRETCH YOUR LEGS A snoozy bus ride is one way to see a city, but let us suggest another way to get on the move--and we mean really on the move.
CHEAP and cheerful, deckchairs are the ultimate garden chairs for snoozy relaxation - go for a design with a long seat back for maximum comfort.