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SFSGStaatliche Feuerwehrschule Geretsried (German firefighting school)
SFSGSpecial Forces Support Group (UK)
SFSGSo Far So Good
SFSGService Families Support Group (UK)
SFSGSan Francisco Scooter Girls (San Francisco, CA)
SFSGSkarresø Festival Service Group (Denmark)
SFSGSteam-Flaked Sorghum Grain (animal feed)
References in classic literature ?
So far so good, but there had been no hint of insanity, nor even of nervous collapse.
So far so good, but in social matters their aunt had accomplished nothing.
Despite releasing two other compilation albums in the past decade, So Far So Good is his best selling album, with worldwide sales of 13 million.
I am sure we will see the season out now and Mick will decide what he wants to do in the summer and we will take it from there, but so far so good.
So far so good, but the Hollywood star had to go and ruin it in typical Farrell fashion.
The bell has gone, I am taking down my hood, It is a new term in school, so far so good