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SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol (XML protocol)
SOAPSubjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan (medical documentation format)
SOAPStudent Opportunity and Access Program
SOAPSociety for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
SOAPSymbolic Optimal Assembly Program (programming language for the IBM 650 computer in the late 1950's)
SOAPSpectrometric Oil Analysis Program
SOAPSmall Operator Assistance Program
SOAPSatellite Orbit Analysis Program (standard program to analyze satellite orbits; MILSATCOM)
SOAPScripture, Observation, Application, Prayer
SOAPSpectrographic Oil Analysis Program
SOAPSociety for Ottawa Anime Promotion
SOAPStudents Organized Against Poverty
SOAPSupply Operations Assistance Program
SOAPStudents Organized Against Prejudice
SOAPSociety of Aerospace Professionals
SOAPSlaughterhouse Operators Association of the Philippines
SOAPSexual Offender Apprehension Program
SOAPStudent Organization for Animal Protection
SOAPSociety of Airway Pioneers
SOAPSame Opposite Always Positive (factoring sum and difference of two perfect cubes)
SOAPStudent Organization for Activity Planning (Salisbury State University)
SOAPSummary On A Page
SOAPSystems/Operations Analysis of Programs
SOAPSupertanker Operational Assessment Project
SOAPSystems for Oceanic Analysis and Prediction
SOAPSpine, Orthopedic and Pain
SOAPSIM Over the Air Programming (wireless telecommunications)
SOAPStamp Out Acronym Pronunciation :-)
SOAPSubjective Objective Action and Plan of treatment (Chiropractic)
SoaPSnakes on A Plane (movie)
SOAPStanford Online Accessibility Program (Stanford University; California)
SOAPSeal of Approval Process
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Then they cut out the copra and put it into sacks, and the women would carry it down to the trader at the village by the lagoon, and he would give in exchange for it rice and soap and tinned meat and a little money.
George said that in that case we must take a rug each, a lamp, some soap, a brush and comb (between us), a toothbrush (each), a basin, some tooth- powder, some shaving tackle (sounds like a French exercise, doesn't it?
We asked him if he had ever tried washing flannels in the river, and he replied: "No, not exactly himself like; but he knew some fellows who had, and it was easy enough;" and Harris and I were weak enough to fancy he knew what he was talking about, and that three respectable young men, without position or influence, and with no experience in washing, could really clean their own shirts and trousers in the river Thames with a bit of soap.
Then he held out the writing stick and Mauki just barely touched it with his hand, in so doing pledging himself to toil for three years on the plantations of the Moongleam Soap Company.
Haveby, the island manager of the Moongleam Soap Company, who adjudged him an incorrigible.
That inhuman person committed an outrage on his family by making a fortune in the soap and candle trade.
No soap and water only on the skin, but clean all the way in.
A MEMBER of the Kansas Legislature meeting a Cake of Soap was passing it by without recognition, but the Cake of Soap insisted on stopping and shaking hands.
I've heard of phebe-birds; but I don't believe the real ones could do that," laughed Rose, adding, as she watched with interest the scattering of dabs of soft soap over the bricks, "May I stay and see you work?
Van Schuylight Suffolk-Jones--came out to his waiting motor-car, wrinkling a contumelious nostril, as usual, at the Italian renaissance sculpture of the soap palace's front elevation.
How wonderfully they make this soap," he said gazing at a piece of soap he was handling, which Agafea Mihalovna had put ready for the visitor but Oblonsky had not used.
But now, in Billy's house, with her own stove, her own tub and towels and soap, and no one to say her nay, Saxon was guilty of a daily orgy.