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SOBSon of a Bitch
SOBShortness of Breath (symptom)
SOBSouth of the Border
SOBSchool Of Business
SOBSexually Oriented Business
SOBScars on Broadway (band)
SOBSon of Beast
SOBSet Of Books
SOBSummary of Benefits
SOBSenate Office Building
SOBStyles of Beyond (band)
SOBSouth Bend, Indiana (Amtrak code)
SOBSouth Bend, IN (Amtrak)
SOBSouls On Board
SOBState Office Building
SOBSide of Bed
SOBSome Other Brand
SOBShrimp On the Barbie
SOBSmall Of Back (holster)
SOBSource Of Business
SOBStatement of Basis
SOBStart Of Block
SOBSouth Of Border
SOBStart Of Business
SOBSons of Butcher (band)
SOBSon of the Boss
SOBSailor on Board
SOBShare of Business
SOBSigns Of Betrayal (rock band)
SOBSick of Bush
SoBSeal of Blood (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SOBSilly Old Bear
SOBSilly Old Bugger (British)
SOBSocially Offensive Behavior (TV show)
SOBSmelling Of Booze
SOBSuper Oralloy Bomb
SOBSeaford-Oyster Bay Expressway (Long Island, New York)
SOBSouth Orange Blossom (Florida street name)
SOBSociety of Orpheus and Bacchus (Yale University a capella group)
SOBSweet Old Bob
SOBSon of Bazerk (hip hop)
SOBStar Onion Brigade (game, Final Fantasy XI)
SOBShort(ness) of Breath (medical)
SOBSouth Oyster Bay (New York)
SOBSlide Over Baby
SOBSame Ocean Buddy (Scuba)
SOBSilly Old Bastard (Australian)
SoBSaecula Omnimodus Bellum
SOBSpace Order of Battle
SOBStatement of Boredom
SOBSons of Batman
SOBBalaton - Sármellék Hungary (Airport Code)
SOBSociété Ornithologique du Boulonnais (French: Ornithological Society of Boulogne; France)
SOBSave Our Businesses (Florida tax proposal)
SOBSell on Bottoms
SOBSample Of Behavior
SOBSpecial Operations Base
SOBStandard Operational Bullstuff (polite form)
SOBStupid Old Bastard
SOBStandard Operating Business
SOBSatan's Own Breedwork :-)
SOBService Organisation Bureau (French: Service Organization Office)
SOBStop on Barrier
SOBStraight Offset Binary
SOBState Operations Budget
SOBSociété Odontologique de Brest (French: Brest Dental Company; France)
SOBSex Offenders Beware! (website)
SOBSouth Omaha Boy
SOBSmart Operating Business
SOBSoggy on Bottom
SOBSense of Belonging
SOBSexual Offences Bill
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The spiritual face, the long locks of hair cut off and lying by her, her father's averted face, and Marie's sobs, struck at once upon the feelings of a sensitive and impressible race; and, as they came in, they looked one on another, sighed, and shook their heads.
She waited a moment, and then, speaking in a tone that checked the sobs of all, she said,
It is impossible to describe the scene, as, with tears and sobs, they gathered round the little creature, and took from her hands what seemed to them a last mark of her love.
Earth was past,--and earthly pain; but so solemn, so mysterious, was the triumphant brightness of that face, that it checked even the sobs of sorrow.
Maggie's sobs began to subside, and she put out her mouth for the cake and bit a piece; and then Tom bit a piece, just for company, and they ate together and rubbed each other's cheeks and brows and noses together, while they ate, with a humiliating resemblance to two friendly ponies.
But she lost energy at last even for her loud-whispered cries and moans: she subsided into helpless sobs, and on the cold floor she sobbed herself to sleep.
SOB stated that the high quality long-distance EMUs for Gotthard Panoramic services would have upgraded first class with 2+1 seating, as well as catering and family zones.
The SoB data set included all of the above variables, plus GPS fix attempt (3D and 2D), GPS speed, GPS heading, GPS horizontal dilution and GPS satellite bit map.
O trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar variacoes no crescimento, na particao de assimilados e na producao de frutos de melao, tipo Amarelo 'Gold Mine' sob cultivos sombreados por diferentes malhas.
Carly swaps sob stories with Carly swaps sob stories with |Leyla after sleeping in her van
Researchers at eight clinical sites in the United States set out to determine if SOB during pregnancy is a risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes.
The genus Thiobacillus among SOB is very important in biological S oxidation in soil (Yang et al.