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SOBERSeventeen Octet Byte Enabled Register
SOBERSon of a Bitch Everything's Real
SOBERSlow on the Bottle, Enjoy the Road :-)
SOBERShort of Being Entirely Ready (recovery slang)
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Then my heart it grew ashen and sober As the leaves that were crisped and sere -- As the leaves that were withering and sere -- And I cried -- "It was surely October On this very night of last year, That I journeyed -- I journeyed down here!
Though Jones had shown no design of giving offence, yet Mr Blifil was highly offended at a behaviour which was so inconsistent with the sober and prudent reserve of his own temper.
Before daylight, the chill of the water and the passage of the hours had sobered me sufficiently to make me wonder what portion of the Straits I was in, and also to wonder if the turn of the tide wouldn't catch me and take me back ere I had drifted out into San Pablo Bay.
Peace was instantly restored, and a burst of melody drowned the suppressed giggles of Rose and Mac, who found it impossible to keep sober during the latter part of this somewhat remarkable service.
"Wid that I wint out into the camp an' inthrojuced mysilf to ivry man sober enough to remimber me.
There being now people enough present to impede the work, the sobered man put himself at the head of the rest, or was put there by the general consent, and made a large ring round the Old Hell Shaft, and appointed men to keep it.
"Father is much better," replied Jo, trying to keep sober.
Watch him as we pleased, we could do nothing to solve it; and when we asked him to his face, he would only laugh if he were drunk, and if he were sober deny solemnly that he ever tasted anything but water.
It was a sorrowful and a mightily sobered company that came forth again.
And on Monday morning, weary, he began the new week's work, but he had kept sober.
And presently he came marching back towards the house, with no mark of a sailor's clumsiness, but carrying his fine, tall figure with a manly bearing, and still with the same sober, grave expression on his face.
He's the best natured- est old fool in Arkansaw -- never hurt nobody, drunk nor sober."